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Welcome to DCR Inspections

DCR Inspections in Charlotte, NC provides pre-sale inspections of homes and property for homeowners and landlords. Contact us before buying or selling a home to get a customized report that includes cost estimates for any repair work. We thoroughly inspect both the interior and exterior systems and components of the home. Our experienced professionals have been providing home and mold inspections for clients in the Charlotte area for a number of years.

Mold inspection

We offer professional and honest mold testing in residential and commercial spaces. We offer various mold inspection services such as damage repair, and remediation. We provide our clients with the best and most efficient services possible. We have the knowledge and resources to offer fast, accurate mold testing to homeowners and businesses across the Charlotte area.


We maintain complete confidentiality of data and property information for your peace of mind. We offer our thoroughly professional service at competitive rates. Contact us before you buy or sell a home or commercial property to ensure you don't get shortchanged.

About Us

Inspections and Evaluations

  • DCR Inspections has been performing home inspections and mold inspections in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas since 1994, and prior to that inspections were performed under Donaldson Construction & Restoration since 1974. Our company has provided more than 20,000 inspections over the years. DCR Inspections provides a narrative home inspection. Our company will perform a standard home inspection or customize it for your needs with features including a full home inspection, crawl only, structural systems only, mold and moisture intrusion, etc. We conduct each home inspection with an un-bias towards the buyer or seller of the home.

Edward Donaldson

Inspector & Owner

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